Top 10 Staging Don’ts!

1.    Rationalize that a higher asking price means you will have more wiggle room. You could wind up sitting idle on the market with a house full of wiggle room.

2.    Respond to lowball offers with a counter – instead, respond with an invitation to re submit.

 3.    Refer to a leaky foundation as a central humidifier.

 4.    Make your house smell like a cherry orchard or a department store perfume counter.

 5.    Air your dirty laundry.  This includes leaving bills and private papers out, or, of course, actual dirty laundry.

 6.    Take your prospects on A Complete History of The Kopecki Repairs & Renovations Tour.

 7.    “Clean up” by stuffing all the closets.

 8.    Leave unfinished DIY jobs for the buyers’ honey-do list.

 9.    Defer yard work.  Your house only gets one chance to make a first impression.  Overgrown shrubs and broken gutters are the real estate equivalent of dandruff.

10. Think licks from Rex the Bulldog will help generate more offers.

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Get to cleaning!

If you’re ready to put your house on the market, here’s a good checklist of things you need to have accomplished first. Ready?

- Clean everything off kitchen counters. Pack away all the small appliances on the countertops. Get rid of the canister set, knick knacks and memorabilia.

- Organize your pantry. Alphabetize your spices, clean the shelves, throw away items you no longer use. Make the pantry into a work of art!

- Shape up your cabinets. Put glasses all in one area, and get rid or pack away the bad looking glasses. Make sure coffee cups all face the same way. Stack dishes neatly and in an organized fashion.

- Clean! Wash windows, both inside and outside. Clean out any cobwebs. Walk around the outside of your house and powerwash any unsightly areas. Clean the ceiling fan blades, mini blinds and cabinet doors.

Make your house shine so you can get buyers to sign on the dotted line!

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More of our favorite staging tips

- Use the light in your home! Open up your blinds, peel back the curtains and let the light shine. Increase the wattage in your light bulbs, cut the bushes outside your front windows and do whatever you can to make your house look bright, clean and cheery.

- Conceal the critters. Not everyone is a dog, cat or iguana lover like yourself. Buyers don’t want to see dog food, smell the kitty litter box or find tufts of hair stuck to their clothes. This gives the impression your house is not clean. If you have an open house, or potential buyers coming by, take the pets to your neighbor’s or out for a walk.

- Get them out of the car. Curb appeal is more than just a catch phrase…it’s the only phrase. If potential buyers drive up to your house and are greeted with rusty gates, peeling paint and an unkept landscape, they won’t step out of their car, let alone step into your house. No matter how beautiful the inside of your house, the outside has to sparkle first.


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Some tips to make your house sell…quickly!

Here are a few of our favorite tips to help your house sell quickly.- Set your listing price by utilizing area comparables, not based upon what you need to buy that ostrich farm.- Put personal collections away someplace safe, like a bank vault in Zurich.

- Invest in a fresh coat of paint and get 150 percent green back on your investment.

- Disclose everything, especially the stuff you are tempted not to.

- Fix all running toilets, or risk flushing profits down the drain.

- Remember that “outside” is the new “inside”.  Show off all of your living spaces.

- Visit model homes to see how neutrality and spaciousness are made to feel so inviting.

- Grind a lemon in the garbage disposal – it smells great and it’s such a great exercise.

- Display the kind of plants that aren’t injection-molded and painted in a factory somewhere overseas.

- Keep your day job. Hire an agent and assist them in doing what they do best.

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Best smells for selling a house

Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? But the smell of your house, or what greets potential buyers when they walk into your house, can play a huge role in the house-hunting process.

Here are a few tips to make sure your house looks — ahem — smells its best!

- Clean smells! Nothing like Windex, Murphey’s oil and PineSol to make a house smell good. Why? Because it smells clean, of course!

- Lemon. Kitchens are supposed to radiate clean. Having citrus smells such as lemons and oranges in the kitchen help bring out the clean feeling. These smells are also helpful in bathrooms, too.

- Warm. During the fall and winter months, a warm smell can make a house feel cozy and warm. Simmering cinnamon sticks, cloves, whole allspice and a couple of bay leaves can make that great smell.

- Cookies. The smell of warm, chocolate cookies in the kitchen makes almost all of us think of a great home.

Those are a few great ones, however, we plead….don’t overpower! Too much of any smell can turn off people. Keep smells to a minimum to keep the potential homebuyers happy!

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Some of our favorite staging tips!


  1. Make it sparkle:  Pretend that your mother or mother-in-law is coming for a visit.  Think hotel clean.  Mop, dust, vacuum, wash windows, baseboards – even the cat.  Remember that people will look in your cupboards, under your sinks and in your closets.  Also pay particular attention to odors.  You might even consider consulting a neutral nose by having a friend come by for a smell test.




  1. Pay attention to color and light:  You may love hot pink in the living room, but too-bright colors turn buyers off.  Neutralize strong colors for the broadest appeal.  A neutral home appears larger and has less chance of offending someone.  Also, open up blinds and draperies to make sure there’s sufficient natural light throughout the home.  Remember, lighting is the most effective way to set a mood.




  1. Depersonalize:  Few things defer buyers more than a cluttered home.  They need to see your home, not your stuff.  Excessive personal items like photos, collections, personal awards, electronics and collectibles will make it difficult for buyers to see past your personal style and may deter a sale.  Taking yourself out of the picture makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves, and their stuff, in your space.




  1. Consider replacing furnishings:  Think about removing or replacing worn or outdated furnishings and get rid of extra pieces.  The time has come to move beyond matching furniture, so break up your sets; dated can easily become eclectic with editing and rearranging.  Consider consulting with a professional staging company for design direction and advice on rental furnishings to create an inviting home with broad appeal to a wide range of buyers. 



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About us and what we do


Cheryl Mosley, of Kingwood; and Ginger Hamil and Donna Davis, of Humble; are the interior arrangement and design experts your house needs. Watch as they work to transform a room into a masterpiece with unmatched collages of color, furnishings and accessories. Their years of experience are showcased in homes throughout Houston, ranging from starter homes to builder’s model homes. They understand what makes a house sell and are ready to style your house off the market.

We offer these design and staging services and more:

INTERIOR DESIGN: Go from boring to soaring in only one day: without purchasing new furniture! We use lighting, artwork, and a new interior design to transform your living space into the home of your dreams.

HOME STAGING: If you need to sell your home quickly, call us. We merge practical design prinicples with eye appeal to create immediate interest in your property.

VACANT HOME STAGING: We conduct a “curb to back fence” appraisal. We can make your vacant home stand out as the most attractive property on the market and bring top dollar for your home.

DESIGN CONSULTATIONS: Painting a room? Remodeling? Buying new furniture? We help with color schemes, furniture selections, accessories, and paint choices by matching your tastes and lifestyle to a design customized just for you.

PERSONAL SHOPPING: We take the guesswork out of decorating and work within your budget to shop for the right accessories and furnishings.

MOVE-IN ASSISTANCE: Life events happen to all of us: weddings, retirements, or career changes; often resulting in a move. We lower your stress by: meeting with the movers, arranging furniture, hanging artwork, and accesorizing your rooms.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: Give the gift of comfort and beauty: a Design Consultation or Room Makeover. Perfect for that special birthday, anniversary, wedding or housewarming. Call (832) 233-8492.

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