Some tips to make your house sell…quickly!

Here are a few of our favorite tips to help your house sell quickly.- Set your listing price by utilizing area comparables, not based upon what you need to buy that ostrich farm.- Put personal collections away someplace safe, like a bank vault in Zurich.

- Invest in a fresh coat of paint and get 150 percent green back on your investment.

- Disclose everything, especially the stuff you are tempted not to.

- Fix all running toilets, or risk flushing profits down the drain.

- Remember that “outside” is the new “inside”.  Show off all of your living spaces.

- Visit model homes to see how neutrality and spaciousness are made to feel so inviting.

- Grind a lemon in the garbage disposal – it smells great and it’s such a great exercise.

- Display the kind of plants that aren’t injection-molded and painted in a factory somewhere overseas.

- Keep your day job. Hire an agent and assist them in doing what they do best.

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